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Best of the Art… the bliss will stay forever

Best of the Art is an online art gallery founded by two Van Gogh’s art lover…they wish to share with all the artist, art lover and the whole world “the bliss will stay forever” instead of the last words said by Van Gogh “the sadness will last forever”
JJ Mok passion for art was ignited by the song “VINCENT” when he was young.
“how you suffered for your sanity
how you tried to set them free.
They would not listen
they did not know how
perhaps they’ll listen now.”
During the 80 till end of 2010, JJ has been looking for painting that can set people free, how could a painting set people free? In deed, he found some.
He collected some of the Chinese painting and some of the local art work, but none of the Van Gogh’s original piece. In 2011, he gave away all the painting without having any sadness….

Early 2017 the two MOKs  shared 3D fish art within their circle of friends and surprisingly it invites overwhelming respond from their circle of friends and goes viral. Enquiries and orders started pouring in both locally and overseas. Hence they think that it is the right time to share to many 3D fish art lovers all over the world and therefore decided  to open the on-line Art gallery where they continued their love affair with art and share the art of sharing…

Our Art

Our aim at Best of the Art Gallery is to connect you to art in a meditative, empty the mind, feeling of bliss and set people free…..
Over the years we have developed a love for all different types of art and that is what we want “Best of the Art” Gallery to share….and pass down the culture heritage of art.
We met our artist on 2016 and decided to focus on his 3D fish art on the early 2018

Our Gallery

We aim to give you peace of mind when you order from us by providing the following:
We guarantee the authenticity of all our pieces
We provide a Certificate of Authenticity (either from best of the art gallery or the artist where possible)
We provide independent Condition Reports
We ship internationally

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